Twilight Perk

Twilight Perk

there is a serene space of time
between the cloak of night
and the consciousness of day
where I find a certain peace
within every part of who I am

zephyrs waft the aroma of
earthy dew that had settled upon
sleeping landscapes
through open windows
intwining with the smell
of percolating coffee
mixing a harmony of twilight
and the design of a new day
into a breath of grateful reality

somewhere between that first cup
of java bean clarity
and the soft glow of daylight waking
I remember all the reasons
I feel happy  just to be alive
as a humbleness washes over me

and for a moment everything is
just as it should be
I forget all of the
disappointments of yesterday
allowing old and new moments
to move through my mind
stirring intrigue and possibility
into the restless dreams that still linger
which sets the stage for a beautiful day

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