Reckless Abandon

there on the pinnacle of
two lives forever being changed
we flirted shamelessly with
the end of our innocence
courageously sharing our hearts
upon the wisp of another summer night
that would soon be lost to the twilight


it was hard to breathe
within the moonstruck silence
where so many stars were shining bright
accentuating bonnie belle’s shimmering light
and the simple things like 501’s holding tight


each moment we bathed
in that glistering moonlight
was eternally engrained
within the depths of our own beings
forever defining our existences;
-who we were then
-who we are now


wholeheartedly we forged forward
stoned on the beat of our hearts
and the truth of our souls
we couldn’t have known
those moments that seem to last forever
would be gone as quickly as a shooting star
disappearing into the night
leaving behind only the memory
of a time where our love once knew no bounds
and the longing to reclaim the feel
of such reckless abandon



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