I call to him through the mists of time,

to bestow upon him a tender caress,

to hear my heartbeat and offer my soul,

to give him strength so that he may climb...

above his reality, his worries, his fear,

in a cloud of love to help him soar high,

to loving arms and a soft gentle kiss,

to defeat the darkness and help him see clear...

that upon the stars, our souls will meet,

merging together into one glowing light,

a special sharing of two loving hearts,

he is truly the one reason that mine still beats...

for through this love, my soul does fly,

for neglected it has lain my whole life long.

Forever I have searched for the half that was missing,

by the grace of God, I now gaze into eyes...

that are full of love for me alone,

and feel the arms that strongly hold me so close,

and the lips and soft touch that sets my body on fire,

and hear the voice that whispers in a soft tone...

of his love, his passion and his long search for me,

that has turned all his loneliness into joy.

To him, I tell of my heart that was locked,

and that only he, alone, has held the right key...

to remove the lock and open the door,

to my body, my heart, my mind and my soul.

He is the treasure at the end of my rainbow,

Our search over, two souls united, forevermore.


© October 2000

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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