If I could but touch your gentle heart,

I would cradle it and keep it from falling apart.

Two spirits, one soul, united in love at last

that have yearned for the other throughout ages past.

If I could but kiss your hungry lips,

all the feelings inside would surely eclipse,

the pain of our distance, vanished from our core,

our hearts would fly free, together we'd soar.

Above the clouds to our forever place

where tenderly, caressing your face,

while whispering my love, gazing into your eyes,

I would make my vow to you, no more goodbyes.

If in my arms, I could but hold you close,

letting you feel love till your lonely heart glows.

Your sadness vanquished, the emptiness gone

as the mists swirled around us in the predawn.

If I could but lay with you for only one night,

our passions would take our souls to new heights,

with the kind of ecstasy never felt before,

leaving our bodies, hearts and souls wanting more.

If I could but have only your love alone,

I'd give up everything I had ever known,

to have you never again leave my side,

for in your love, forever, I would happily abide.



© September 2000

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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