On this day for lovers,

you are in my dreams, my dear.

Although far apart in time and space,

my heart is always near.

In my dreams, I walk with you

along the windswept coast.

Arm in arm, we stroll along,

the mist surrounds us both.

I gently pull your head close to mine

and kiss you hard and deep.

You stroke my breasts so tenderly,

our passion will not keep.

You lay me on the soft sand.

Our clothes lay at our feet.

This is our special place of love,

no other soul around to meet.

Your kisses drive me wild with passion.

I writhe beneath your touch.

You hold me close and enter me.

I crave your love so much.

The flames ignite within our bodies,

our movements loving and slow.

My fingers caress and stroke you.

We allow our feelings to flow.

I run my fingers through your hair

and gaze into your eyes.

You see love and passion on my face

as our heat begins to rise.

The ultimate expression of our love

is striving to be free,

as the fires within pulse through our bodies.

We ride the wave, into ecstasy.

Our breathing slows, the mist cools our bodies.

Two hearts beat together as one.

I whisper, "I love you, my darling, forever,

our time has just begun.

You are my soul mate in dreams and reality.

I love you completely, you see.

You are my miracle, my hopes, my dreams, my everything.

You have set my spirit free.



© February 14, 2000

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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