My life was a lonely existence,

I did not live at all,

Then you came into my heart,

and I heard your lover’s call.

You held me tight, you loved me well,

you made me laugh and smile.

You gave me life, you held my soul

and adored me all the while.

You filled my life with fantasies,

daring to make them come true.

We drifted along in the daydreams

as I fell deeply in love with you.

We thought of a future together

as we talked and let our love shine.

We both felt fear, but with your strength,

you assured me all would be fine.

I listened, and put my trust in you

as I know that you trust me.

Our times together are wonderful,

all we hoped that they would be.

I yearn to touch you and hold you in my arms

as you fulfill my every need.

To make beautiful love, laugh and talk awhile

and let our dreams plant the seed.

Of our future, our love, our life together,

with hard work, we will prevail.

With me loving you and you loving me,

how can we possibly fail?

With trust, loving and sharing

and communicating too,

We will throw excess baggage to the winds

and begin our lives anew.

For you, my darling, are my life,

doubt me not, for ‘tis true

I will give up everything I have  

to share my life with you.

Be not afraid, for with our love,

and side by side we’ll be

I vow to you, I shall love you well,

for all eternity.


© November 1999

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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