Come, my love, and dance with me,

hold me tight, move gracefully.

Feel my love for you tonight,

as we sway together in the moonlight.

Kiss me, my dear, for I belong to you.

Never was my love so true.

Our lives have changed, this we know.

These feelings we have, we must let flow.

This to you is my vow.

I'd give my life for yours right now,

for I want you happy, loved and free

so that you could be together with me.

I know our realities are very real

and these are things with which we must deal.

But we can dream of a day not so far away,

where we can be together every single day.

We'll laugh in the rain and love in the night

lay close and hold each other after a fight.

We'll sing in the morning and howl at the moon.

Dream, my darling, we'll be in each other's arms soon.

For without these dreams, we'll drown in our tears,

and both will be sad and lonely for many years.

So come, my darling, plan with me now.

We'll make our future, this I will vow.

I love you, my dearest, but want you to know,

with this new love of ours, we must move slow

to enjoy and savour in love's pure light.

Only then will we know that our togetherness is right.

My heart is yours, my body, my soul.

Only you, with your love, has made me feel whole.

So come, dance with me and love me now.

For us, our future begins right here and right now.


© December 1999

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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