Two souls merging together as one,

shields are down, emotions begun.

So much time since love was felt,

purity of which has made my heart melt.

Only you have this strength, this power,

breaking down walls, to help me flower.

I offer my soul, please hold it with care.

I trust that my life force you can repair.

Take my hand and lead me through

all that love is, all that makes it true.

Teach me freedom of heart's desire,

your spirit leads me like a beacon of fire.

Hold me close and feel my needs,

cradle my heart so it will not bleed.

In return, I give my devoted love.

over everything else, you tower above.

Gaze into my eyes and see the glow.

All that I feel now, this you bestow,

upon my body, my soul and my heart.

No earthly thing shall keep us apart.

Your love emits a soothing balm,

a healing warmth, my soul it does calm.

Lift me high, help me soar free,

away from all pain that had engulfed me.

With head held high, I walk with you near,

to eternity's bliss, no more fear,

to face any troubles that come our way

With a light heart, I greet each new day.

Ever thankful for all you have given me

For all that we are and all we can be,

A new life begins, with hopes and dreams too,

Thank you, my darling, for I love you.



© February 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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