Prince Charming


He is a wingless dragon

he is a dove waiting to fly

Our prince charming is someone to watch

I love him with all our heart

He is the light at the end

He bears no scares from my past

This I know

He is Bryon Matthew

he is my son

My son is a true son

he is the second light of my life

He may only be 9 months old but he is strong

He is a strentgh for us all

He is the one to hold

He is as precious as a dove

His wings I do see now that I look closer

They are as white as the snow

They are very small on his back

but he holds them strong

I love my winged fairy child

for he is the last of my race

He is the one who will carry

He is the only one who will be

He is the last of my childern

But I think he will be the strongest...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on the spur of a dove, and the heartbeat of a dragon.
For my Son...

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