Words do we really think of what they mean when we talk

Words can be hurtful

words can be decitful

Have you ever stoped to think of what others pain my mean by their words

When you say something how often do you truly think before you speak

Words can mean many differnt things to many differnt people.

Do you think of your words

When you are in pain do you think they may hurt the one your speaking too?????

Words mean many things when spoken

Typed, or handwritten to someone

Yours can make someones day

Or even worse they can kill.

Have you ever thought of that when you say words to someone

Online it is hard to read between the lines as you cant see the experssion of your words to someone online.

Words can hurt

Words can cut to the heart soul and mind.


Will you think twice befor saying words again???

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Written for all to see and look and read..

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