Darkest Jewel

short stories.

The hills were hard to see over with all the rain. Kelly was trying to get safely to the hotel, before the roads flooded. The road looked very narrow up above, but he knew he had to go up that big hill to get to the hotel. The trees were not far from the road at all. If Kelly could see through the rain, he would see little red eyes staring back at him. The eyes reminded him of someone, but he cannot put his finger on whom.

Kelly had to slow down many times because the rain was coming down so hard. His magic was not working at keeping the rain at bay; in some ways using it was making the rain come down harder. Sometimes he could not even see his headlights in front of the car let alone anyone coming at him. In the distance Kelly could see something that looked like headlights coming off the hill, he was worried because it looked like the truck was on his side of the road. The headlight reminded him of Keith’s eyes when they last fought in school. He tried to veer off to the left, but the truck kept coming at him, the truck almost looked like it was swerving to hit him or knock him off the road.

Kelly put his car into the ditch. Why would someone I do not know want to knock me off the road, on this hill? This had to mean that someone did not want him to make it to the hotel, because of his love for Morgan, which drove him to this dark place yet again?  When he got to the hotel he shut off the car, and tried to climb out of the other side due to that was closer to the door. He got out and went up to the door and rang the doorbell, so he could be let in. Thankfully this part of the office was under a big umbrella.

The desk clerk let him in, and Kelly tried not to get too much water on the floor.

“Do you have any rooms left vacant for tonight?” ask Kelly.

“Why yes we do, how many in your party?” says the clerk

“Ok, I will take the room. I need to get out of this storm. It is driving me crazy trying to drive in it,” says Kelly The clerk takes his money and hands him a key to room 113, and says, “Enjoy your stay with us this dark and stormy night”.

Kelly drives down to the middle of the building where he thinks the room should be, and sure enough it is in the middle of the hotel. He pulls up and there is a big awning above the room, enough where he can park under it. He pulls his car under the awning and hopes it does not leak, so he won’t get wetter than he already is.

The room looks small, but looks can be deceiving. Kelly walks up to the door, and puts the key in; the first thing he smells when the door opens is roses. He thinks to himself that is odd, why roses would be in my room.  He walks in and stands in awe of the beauty of the room.

The carpet is blood red, and the bedspread on the king size bed matches the carpet, but the lighting does not do the room justice. When he shuts the door, the lights come on by themselves and lights up the whole room. The chairs look to be made of pine wood and crushed velvet seating. The table in the corner looks to be made of marble, and has a place setting for two. Kelly thinks this since he said only one in his party. He explored the rest of the room. The bathroom took him by surprise. The tub was inlaid with gold and sliver flecks and the towels looked to be Egyptian cotton.  Kelly walks back into the bedroom and sees food set up on the table. The room reeks of magic, but can it be Morgan trying to get his attention again?   He walks over to the table, and sees baked potatoes and steaks, and some Greek looking salad with lobster bits in it. This meal reminds him of the last date he and Morgan had. The phone rings.

“Is the food to your liking Mr. Watson?”

“Yes, but I did not call for room service, I wanted to take a bath then get food,” says Kelly

“Ah but you were going to call, just enjoy the food,” Click

He sits down to taste the food, and all of it is done perfectly, and to his tastes. The salad tastes better than anything he has ever eaten in his life. A bottle of wine appears and he tries it. The wine enhances the flavor of the food. He feels a whoosh go by his head, and some dessert menu falls on the table. He looks at it and thinks raspberry pie should be fine with him. All the dishes disappear and a new one with the pie appears in front of him, along with a new bottle of wine.

“I will go take a hot bath; I think I need to relax after that good meal.” He walks into the bathroom and turns on the water.  He sees three different kinds of soap on the table beside the tub.  The bottles were all labeled number one, number two, and number three. He assumes you put the first one in while the water was running and then you put the second one in when you got in the tub. Now the third one he was not quite sure on what to do with it. But it looked like some sort of lotion.

While relaxing in the tub, he almost falls asleep so he gets out of the tub. He goes to get dressed walking back into the room he finds a nightshirt and silk boxers that look more comfortable than what he was going to wear. He puts them on and they fit perfectly. He lies down in bed, and falls instantly asleep.

He wakes up the next morning and hears the birds chirping outside his window, and smells bacon and eggs. Kelly gets up, and walks over to the table, and the food smells wonderful to him, and he sits down and starts to eat.

A newspaper appears on the table, and it is from his hometown, where he wants to travel to this week. A headline catches his eye; Lady Morgan is ready to marry, who will she choose? Kelly had dated her in school and he loved her. He wonders if she would be willing to marry someone she dated back in prep school. Should I travel to the town and make a play for her, or just go home. We have both grown a whole lot, I wonder if we could ever rule beside each other and be happy, with each other powers, and not try to use them against the other.

When Kelly goes to leave, the maid is outside the room next to his. He looks at the room number net to him and it is 213, the one on the other side of his is 313. None of the rooms have any other number in them unless it has a 13 at the end of it.

The maid says,”Good day Mr. Watson did you enjoy your stay with us last night?”

Kelly says, “Oh yes the room and food was wonderful. Can I ask you a question? How much extra were the food from last night and this morning?”

“Oh the food comes with all of our rooms, so it is not extra charge,” says the maid

Kelly walks out to his car, and notices something different about it. It is all clean and shiny and almost looks like it has a new wax job. The car was all muddy last night when he got to the room, so he is surprised since it was under the awning all night long. It is still raining but not as hard as it was last night when he got to the hotel. Kelly tries to decide if he is going to go to his hometown, or go back to where he really lives. The thought of asking Lady Morgan for her hand in marriage is a wonderful idea, but he is not sure she will even remember him from prep school.

“Mr. Watson will you are staying another night, since you have read the newspaper?” ask the hotel clerk

“Yes I think I will be staying,” says Kelly

“Ok she will call each gentleman’s room and tell them when they can come up to her castle, and visit with her over dinner,” says the hotel manger

Kelly takes his bags back into the room, and settles down to watch TV until someone calls him and tells him what he should do. Kelly hears a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” asks Kelly

“My name is Gerald and I work for Dragus’s Clothing,” says Gerald

“We are here to get you fitted for your tux, and a few other clothes so you have a wardrobe for the Ladies comfort.”

The clothing store man walks into Kelly’s hotel room and look around to see where they can set up the things to get Kelly fitted for the tux and other outfits. Since Kelly has never been fitted for anything in his life he normally just waves his wand and clothes appear for whatever he needs them for.

“Why do I need to do to get fitted for these clothes, when I can make my own by waving my wand?” asks Kelly

“The reason is Lady Morgan does not want any wizardry used to make the clothes is incase someone puts a spell in them to harm her. You have to understand, you above all loved her, but others would rather see her dead, than on the throne with a strong king beside her,” Gerald says

This moved Kelly to go ahead and let the gentleman fit him for whatever Morgan wanted him to wear.

They moved around Kelly so fast he can hardly keep up with the two of them, measuring and writing things down on a little pad that they are both carrying. One stops for a minute and just looks at Kelly.

“What is your favorite color, so we can make sure we get the sweaters and shirts the correct blend with Lady Morgan,” asks Gerald

“Oh I remember she loved to see me in emerald green, and midnight black, and I think she also liked me in dark purple.”

“Ok, we should have the outfits by this afternoon and someone from our shop will bring them over to you, Mr. Watson; enjoy your stay in our lovely town.” Says both clerks

When the clerk leave Kelly takes a shower and puts on his blue jeans and a red sweater he had left in his bag. Since sometimes it takes magic to produce magic, he buys normal clothes to stay up with styles in the country.  Kelly hears a second knock on the door. I wonder who it could be this time. He walks over to the door, and looks out through the peephole and sees two old school buddies he has not seen in years. His memories of these two are not very nice.

“Hello William, and Keith, how are you two doing?”

“Oh can’t complain, got in town this morning, what do you think of this hotel,” says William

“It is a doozey with all the lushness’ of a richer hotel; it does not show on the outside. Yes well that is magic guys. You can defiantly smell it all around the hotel,” “Come on in both of you we can catch up and see what we all have been doing over the last 10 years,” says Kelly

The men sit down in the couch and chairs and just sit there looking around. Your room is almost nicer than ours.

“I have a blue room, to match my eyes says Keith, but yours if I remember correctly is the same color Morgan wore to the prom when you took her.”

“Why yes it is, I had not remembered that night, or the color of her dress, but you are correct this is the same color as her gown,” says Kelly

“What makes you come back Kelly, when you two had such a bad break up?” asks Keith

“I was just traveling through last night and Morgan sent word via newspaper that she wanted me to stay, and compete for her hand in marriage”

“Hmm that is what happened to us, this morning; we were one our way to play a golf and got the paper with the same headline in it,” says William

“I still do not get why she would ask her three least favorite men back into her life, she told us all at the end of prep school she never wanted to see any of us again,” says Keith

“I’m sure that only has to do with the fight the four of us had, and we almost killed each other over something petty,” The phone rings, and Kelly walks over to answer it.

“Hello Kelly, are William and Keith with you?” asks the hotel manger

“Why yes they are, do we need to come up to the office?”

“No I’ll come to you that way I can deliver the mail all at once.”

Kelly hangs up the phone and goes over and opens the front door so the manger can just walk in. He looks over at Keith and William, and wonders why they came back.

Kelly says, “The manger is on his way down with mail for the three of us.”

Keith says, “Ok, why would we be getting mail, unless it is from Morgan telling us when to meet up with her and all that stuff.”

“It could be just that.”

The manger still knocks on Kelly’s door before coming in.

“I am glad I caught the three of you before you went out for the day.” Says the manager

“Lady Morgan would like all of you to come up to her house for lunch.

“Ok, none of us know where she lives,” says Kelly

“Oh that will not be a problem; she is sending a car for the three of you.” Says the manger


The manger hands them the mail and walks out of the room, and shuts the door behind him. They all sit back down and look at the letters addressed to their room number and their name.

“Hmm well do we all go, or just one of us, my invitation does not say one way, does yours?” asks Kevin

“Mine does not say that either.” Says Kelly

“Well I guess we should meet up by the front of the office to go to lunch, we should all probably start to get ready we have less than two hours” says William

Keith and William leave Kelly’s room and go back to their rooms. Were they not supposed to be competing for her hand in marriage would this not be wrong to have all of them there at the same time.

Kelly was in his room reading over the letter that Morgan had sent to all of them. I want you to come, and have lunch with me today; I want to get to know you all over again. It has been too long since we have last seen each other, and I know we all parted on bad terms, but can we let the past be the past and go forth and find happiness with each other. A second piece of paper fell out of the envelope; Come as you are do not try to flatter me with boyish charms I  wont fall for it, I know who you are, Kelly, I loved you in the past, and still do. Come and met the new Lady Morgan.

Kelly had not seen Morgan since that night when he, Keith and William got in a fight over her. When Lady Morgan sent that had did her ritual to become a lady in her house Kelly did the right thing and send her a dozen blood red roses. What did this mean? Kelly just now started to get the idea, he was sent for to help Lady Morgan come into her full power, and the other two might just be cannon fodder for her fire. But if this were true was he sent to protect her yet again, but not win her hand in marriage?

Kelly knew certain things about her ritual; what she had to go through, because he had to go through something like this to become a Lord in his family. He sat down and thought about his own ritual, and wondered why he never kept in touch with Lady Morgan. If he had kept in touch would they already be married, or was this fate, now putting him up against the two most “hated” men in his class, Warlocks.

Kelly is not a warlock, he is more, he can shape change, and use magic to help others just like Lady Morgan, but his jewels are the darkest you can be born with and still make the offering. Like Keith’s and William’s his jewel is a black the most powerful. He never found out what Morgan’s was, he thought it was either dusk or emerald green like her eyes.

Kelly gets ready; he changes into a lighter green shirt and dark slacks, which showed up on the bed. Morgan must want him to wear this so he will. A knock sounds at his door, and he goes and answers it. She is as beautiful as he remembers. Kelly steps back and lets her come into his room, and she walks with the grace of a cat... He is in awe, she is so sexy, but how can he control his magic if she keeps this up. Morgan turns, looks at him, and says, “Do not control it come to me, be with me.”

He goes to shut the door and hang up the DO NOT DISTURB sign. The lights automatically turn themselves down and the room gets dark, all he can sense is Morgan standing in front of him naked. A few hours later, Morgan gets up and gets dressed.

“Well I need to get back to the castle, so when the three of you guys get there I will be ready, until then my love” Morgan states as she disappears from his room.

He rolls over and sees a note laying her pillow Kelly rolls over to read it. My jewel is now a stormy jewel; it will match your stone perfectly.  Kelly now knows what stone Morgan has and can fully utilize some of his special abilities to win her over.  

This will make lunch even more interesting because he knows which way to use his “feline” grace to seduce her and to win her over. He knows he will have to use some magic to keep the other two from “hexing” or trying to put a spell on her. He does not want to harm her in anyway, but he does not know what Keith or William will do to win her over.

The ride to the castle is very quite. Kelly is not sure if they saw or felt Morgan come to his room. All of the men where very excited about getting to see Morgan again, but none of them knew what she would be like, or what she wanted out of them. The ride took almost an hour to get to her castle, and the men were very hungry when they got there and Kelly was hungry for more than just food remembering the excitement of being with Morgan.  When the guys get to the castle, a doorman opens the limo to let them out.

“Right this way gentleman,” says the doorman

“Wow gold inlaid marble floors, and the orchids are so beautiful,” says Keith

“Morgan grows the flowers herself,” states Kelly

“How do you know that?” asks Keith

“That is because Kelly is the one who bought me my first orchid plant fifteen years ago,” says Lady Morgan

All three of them turn around to stare up at the staircase, and almost fall over in the beauty of Lady Morgan. Kelly looks at Moran and can feel the heat growing between the two of them. Kelly wonders if the other two warlocks can sense the sexual tension between the two of them.

Morgan slowly walks down the staircase and tells the butler and maid to serve the lunch in the sun room, it will be a very nice day today and she wants to enjoy the sunshine. When you walk into the sun room, you see glass walls all around you and the floor is made of sun spun gold colored carpet. The symbols on the floor tell a story, and only Kelly understands the story; it is a story of mating of two powerful dragons who will rule the world in harmony.

The food smelled divine and made all of the guys’ mouths water with hunger. The smell of seduction was in the air, and all of the men could feel it and were having a very hard time fighting it. This was exactly what Morgan wanted. She may have only slept with Kelly, but she needed to see how they would react to some of her spells to see which one might fight first. Kelly knew what she was doing, so he sat and watched the other two warlocks and saw the tension in Keith’s face first. Kelly knew his part in this game, keep his feelings under control and he would pass the first test of Lady Morgan’s.

Keith stood up it looked like he was ready to pounce on Morgan and Kelly did not know how to react to his movements. Morgan said “now now boys, cant you hold on to your sexual tension until we get lunch over?” “Sit down Keith you always were a hothead and I do not like that aspect of you”

“Yes Morgan I am sorry, just the spell caught me off guard, and I did not know how to react”

“It is ok, you all have passed the first test so let us eat lunch and catch up about what has been going on in our lives”

The room changes color, from the golden of the sun, to the darkest midnight black you could ever see. This fits the mood much better says Morgan. I want us all to remember our last meeting and hopefully we can move on past it. I know it will be hard for Keith and William, for the battle was very harsh on the two of you, but I took a great deal of damage too. Music feels the air and all four of the people in the room are taken back to the one and only fight the four of them had with each other.

The room looks like the gym they all graduated in from school and this is the last time they had all seen each other when they fought. Keith was the one who started the fight and he in some ways is still pissed that he did not kill Kelly to win Morgan’s hand in marriage at that time in their lives. His memory is still tainted with the fact that Kelly saved Morgan from his ice blast, and William from her fire breathing spell. Kelly had not fully come in to the dream yet, and was trying to focus on why Morgan would keep him out at bay, where he could relive it like the three of them were doing at this moment.

Morgan says “this is the worst time of all of our lives, and I want us to forget it, and try to move on as friends. I have chosen my husband and I want all of us to rule in harmony. If we can not move past this then I will have to ask you two Keith and William to leave my home and never come back.” William did not have a problem with this as he has been keeping a secret the whole time he had been here. He just hoped no one would find out especially his wife to whom he has devoted his whole life to protecting from people like this.

William gets up to leave and a knock sounds at the parlor room door, Morgan wonders who in their right mind would bother her while she is in a meeting with these three. The door opens and in walks one of the most stunning females Morgan has ever seen in her life. Williams jaw drops when he recognizes his wife in her full beauty and glory, of being a witch. William sits down when his wife gazes at the four of them around the table and says “William dear, who are these lovely people and why have you never introduced me to them?”

William stutters “I am sorry my love, but I have tried to protect you from the hatred of Keith and the woes of Kelly, and Morgan never entered my mind to introduce you to since I thought she never wanted to see me again.” Morgan looked shocked at this new event taking place so William was hiding he was already married, or did he not want Keith to know about his marriage since his wife died at his own hands in a fight.

Morgan looks at Keith and sees the anger growing in his eyes. She is worried until she feels Kelly’s powers going around her to protect her. Williams wife looks at Keith and says “down boy, I can kill you with a thought if I so dare,”

This shocks Keith and makes him mumble of a spell. William fires a death blow at Keith and Keith drops over dead, before the final word is uttered in his spell. Keith drops dead and Williams’s wife looks at him and says “I told him I could kill him with just a thought”

“Well know that two opponents are out of the running Kelly it looks like you and Morgan will live happily ever after and rule with me and my wife beside you with out any competition” utters William

“This is a shock how long have you been married William?”

“We have been married for over ten years and have three wonderful children at home, I did not want to tell you because I did not know how Morgan would react and I did not want Keith to ever know I was married.”

“Well what do we do about Keith, he is dead, and his body should transcend soon, did he have anyone we should contact to tell that he died in combat?” asks Kelly

“No he was not married but his mother might want to know,” says Lady Morgan

The butler comes in and takes Keith’s body away and says he will take care of all the arrangements to get a hold of his parents to come and pick up the body. Morgan invites William wife to the table after her maid brings in a new chair. The couples then start to talk about the upcoming wedding and who all to invite.

Never in my life did I think I could be this happy thinks Kelly. But in just a few short weeks I will be married to the woman of my dreams and we will rule together and rule in harmony with William and his wife Annalynn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my second short story, I wrote for English 210

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