Life Sucks

My life is hurting right now

I want to die, but know I cant

My life is full of strife for the things of my past

My life is so dark right now

My life has no light in it

My darkness is so close to me it hurts

My life is so full of hate, form all people

I know not what to do

My life is so full of confusion

My life is so full of hurt

Why do others keep me so hurt?

Why is my life so full of hurt?

Why do I want to do this to self?

Why is my dragon coming back to keep me safe?

Can I no longer keep myself safe anymore?

Can I no longer keep my self from harming the body?

Maybe? Just maybe I need to levae this palce and go ?

But where would I leve to, Heaven, or hell?

Who would take this batterd and abused mind of mine?

Who would love me, who would take me home?

Who would keep me at there right side?

Life, is it so cruel that I no longer care to live

Yes this is my life...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a new poem

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