A new life of Planet Dragon ( short story)

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A new beginning

On Planet


A new life on Planet Dragon

Landing and Setting up Base

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to live in a world where there were still dragons alive? How one would begin to describe the way that we live among them? Would you want to be a dragon, or just be a friend to them? Philosophically dragons are a myth created to scare young children, but were they ever real? In the past expedition some of these questions have been answered but not all of them, so we are sending a new set of six people to try and live and learn from the dragons on Planet Dragon, in a solar system not too far from planet earth.

In a world not too far from our own is a planet of Dragons. They have lived thousands of years with out ever coming into contact with human beings. But on this date in history 3040 a human space ship lands on the planet. They are sent to look for a more suitable place to live as the Earth as we know it will die out in about one hundred years or less. So the government sends an expedition to this far off world to see if it was livable by humans. They sent six scientists to this planet to try and live for a few years. The six people they sent will be a botanist, xenologist, geologist, a medical doctor, forensic scientist, and last but not least a biologist. This way the new world would be a better place to live and somehow these six people will take with them the mistakes we have made in the past and not EVER make them again.

There is a seventh person that to the story is not relevant because he is the maintenance man, or the fixer upper, which ever you wish to call him. He is to stay with the shuttle and make sure they have a home built in a few weeks so they have somewhere to live and catalog what goes on while on the planet.

A few weeks after Jeremy has the home base built he wakes the six humans from their cryosleep that they have been in for months.

Jeremy says “that they have landed and the home base is up and running and he has so far not seen any animals on this planet”.

“The air is safe to breath, and it almost feels lighter up here than on earth” says Jeremy. There is an abundance of fruit in the tress nearby and all so far is eidible, non-toxic to humans. Jeremy never calls any of them by name due to the fact he does not know their names and he does want to. He is only there as a fixer upper and nothing more, he will most likely fly off in  a few weeks to go home, they have all the equipment they need to survive and send messages back to Earth. The only thing Jeremy warns them of is at night he sometimes hears weird noises coming from the island off to the right, and sees large flashes of light. He will build them a boat next time he comes back (if they have not done this already), but he has to jet to go get more supplies for the colony.

James the botanist is rooming with June the xenologist. (A xenologist is someone who studies extraterrestrial species) Samson the geologist is rooming with Sallie the medical doctor. The biologist Kelly and the forensic scientist are rooming with each other. All six of these people did not meet until the week before take off, and then they found out they were going to be paired up do some genetic testing that was done on them during interviews.

James asks June how she wants to go and look around.

“Sure” says June.

     They walk behind the base and see many different kinds of trees some of them look like ones from earth but they are not sure. They see Red fruit growing on the ground.

June picks one up and tries it and says “this taste just like a strawberry.” So they mark these plants according to taste.

James says “let’s make markers for plants so any of we will know what they are if they die off during the winter or summer months.

Meanwhile back at the shuttle Jeremy is trying to take off but he thinks he sees something flying by the window. He stops the engines and looks about, but sees nothing. So he re-starts the engines and begins the pre-flight take off ritual that he always does. As he gets further away from the island they landed on, he flies over the one to the right, and what he sees scares him to death, but he knows he can’t land again or he wont have enough fuel to make it home, so he tries to contact the home base, but little does he know that they are all outside looking at the Dragon flying them.

Encounter with Dragons

All of the scientists are standing on the ground floor looking at the somewhat amazing thing flying above their heads, and think they have heard of this flying animal.

June says “It looks like the Dragon they taught me about in history class, but one has never been seen alive.” This makes them all want to go and look it up on the computer to see if one is listed in its database.

Little did the scientists know when they landed on this planet, which the first expedition died over 2000 years ago because they were not able to live in harmony with the dragons without harming them? When they pull up the word “Dragon” they find out the cruelties the other expedition did to the dragons and vow never to repeat them.

“Let’s make them feel safe, if we do not bother them they may not bother us” says Samson. The dragons are a very loving creature if not harmed. If harmed then they can kill with out a second thought. These new humans that have come to this planet understand that to live here they have to live in harmony with the Dragons, because they are not supposed to do what the first expedition did when they came.

“I guess I should tell you a little bit about the dragons that live on this planet so you have a better idea” says the computer. There are eight types of Dragons that live here, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald and Topaz. They all live on different islands surrounding your home base. Each one of the Dragons has special abilities; now not all of them are known to us, because the other humans tried to kill them, and harvest their eggs.

“There is some things I need to tell you about the dragons” says the computer, “most of the dragons can speak to humans, two species have magical abilities but I do not know which two, some of them can blend in with the surroundings, and from what has been noted all can transform into a human like shape”.  

“Now it is up to you to being studying the dragons and to report back to me, so I can catalog your findings” says the computer. A great deal of what was found on the first expedition was lost in the fires from the destruction of base but we did get some of the files you can watch the movies at a later time.

Junes states “we should investigate the island to the right since it was where Jeremy said the weird noises and lights were coming from after we get the home base set up completely”. All agree to this and go about setting up the base making it feel like home away from home. June is the only one they decide should stay behind and watch the movies so she can find out more about the dragons and know what they are up against.

June watches all of the four movies and learns that the first set of explores where not scientist at all they were normal humans and they were bent on “cleaning” the planet up for the rest of us to come and live. She is very upset and hopes that over the past two thousand years that the dragons will forgive us for trying to destroy them. After June watches all of the movies, she tries to think of ways to tell the group of the cruelties that the other humans did to the dragons. It is up to her and the computer to educate all of the new inhabitants of the planet what has gone on, and what should happen. Living in harmony with the dragons is the main thing to do at this point, and learning whatever they can about how they transform into humans and how they have lived for so long with out human contact.

The Dragons can transform into a humanoid shape, and this will worry the entire group of scientist because they will not know if they are meeting other humans that live on the island or if it is a dragon? The computer does not say anything about how they do this but only that it can be done and was done to trick the old expedition.

The computer also says “I know of two babies were born of a mating with a dragon and human, and I do not know what happened to either child.” This presents a problem, how long do these dragons live? The computer does not really know how long because the other expedition did not live long on this planet to say, so June has to reference other books on the computer to try and find anything in history about dragons. The oldest living dragon on Earth was over one-thousand years old, so we do not know if any of these have lived longer or not?

June calls James on the radio and says “we all need to talk, about these dragons on the island.”

James says “ok, we will be right back in.”

Samson says “What have you found out June?”

Kelly says “What did you find out on the movies anything we should be worried over?”

June says “Yes there is some disturbing information and some is not all that clear to me just yet, I will have to do some more research.” “But in the meantime I will tell you what I have learned and try to explain all of what I have seen so far.” She then tells them all of what she understands and what she thinks needs to be done to live with the dragons and how to be careful, if you are not having sex with your roommate, and if you are not sure if he/she is not who you say you are, do not have sex.

This is the hardest thing to say.

“The dragons can transform into a humanoid shape and the computer did not say how the dragons could do this.”

They also have other magical abilities but none were documented so I am only going by what is in the history books for this time. We should try to study the dragons and not do much more for the time being. Making our home base more stable and safe is the most important thing to do. We have our assignments and we should get to them ok.

The scientist live on the planet for about two months and get into a grove of researching the plant life on the island they are on, they find out there used to be a colony of dragons that lived here.

James says “I think we might have found where the two children of the mating might have lived many centuries ago.” The houses were made of some sort of stone but they can not analyze the stones because the houses will not break. They take many pictures to put in the archive so the people on Earth will be able to see something did live on this planet at one time. The computer analyzes the data given to it.

Computer says “I think they do look like houses from the 1800’s so yes they could have been lived in by the two human children, but why no one living there now?” The team thinks hard on this, and none can come up with any answers. The only thing that they can come up with is maybe the children left the planet to search out new life forms like themselves.

The Egg

Kelly says “let’s look around and see if there may be a different kind of foods they might have grown on the other side of this island.” I would love to see if they have found any kind of meat or game animal to eat, I miss my steaks.”

“I would love to get a look at what is inside the house, and see how they lived.” Says Keith

The team of scientist hike back around the island and start exploring the homes that they think might be the children’s homes. The two homes are very nice and have very plush furniture in them. This looks like the homes of a Queen and a King. This makes the team even more leery to be in the castle like homes. If they thought the children where a King and Queen where are they now?

James says “Look over there at the unique plant on the table.” “I wonder what it is.”

They all go and look at the plant, it looks like an egg of some sort not a plant, and this is very worrisome to June.

June says “Oh no this is a dragon’s egg, I wonder when it will hatch it has a warming lamp under it and over it?” “I saw one of these when the movie was saying they could transform into humanoid form.”

“Should we leave it here or take it back to base since it does not look like anyone has been here for years?” asks Samson No one really wants to just leave it here curiosity is something that is getting the better of them.

They pick up the egg and the warming things and head back to the base. They set the egg up in the lab with more warming lights surrounding it so maybe it will hatch sooner; they all want to find out what is in the egg. The egg does not do anything for a couple of months so June starts to work on finding out how long it should take for one to hatch, and comes up with nothing because they do not know when the “dragons” laid this egg.

June runs from the lab saying “it is hatching it is hatching!!!!!” Everyone comes running to the lab. No one wants to get real close to the egg incase it comes out breathing fire or ice, or something like that. The egg completely hatches and inside is a baby human, a little girl and a little boy.

“Oh no, what are we to do now, we don’t have the right stuff to take care of twins” exclaims Sallie.

“How are we going to explain this to control? They said to observe the Dragons not bring them into the base.” Says Kelly

“We need to contact home base ASAP so we can tell them of the new development, so they can instruct us on how to handle this.”

June says “I will stay with the babies and watch over the babies and see if the computer can get us some clothing for them.” The computer gives perfect fitting clothes for the infants and also comes up with bottles of food that both of the infants like. She also takes pictures of the infants while they sleep so they can send to the home base on Earth. June is puzzled over the fact that the babies have no cried yet and act as if they know what is going on, and are both safe.

Jeremy answers the call to home base.

“What’s up? Is there a problem?”

“You could say there is Jeremy.” Says Keith

“What is it then?”

“We have encountered an egg as you already know, but it just hatched given us two perfect human babies a boy and a girl, and they are identical twins.” Blood red hair and the deepest green eyes you have ever seen” We need to be instructed on what to do”

Jeremy says “I will have to talk to the counsel let me have a few hours, keep them warms safe and happy for the time being we do not know what kind of special powers they have ok.”

James runs and tells June what has gone on.

“Let’s try to find something for them to sleep in besides a table top.”

When James says this two cribs come out of nowhere, and are fully equipped to handle a growing baby with blankets and sheets.

“Ok that was weird I did not command the computer to do that”

“I know but look the girl is sitting up and smiling at us”

“I’ll go get the others” James leaves and goes and tells the others they need to come see this.

Keith says “I’ll stay here in case home base calls us back ok” Home base does call and they are not too concerned with the egg having human babies in it. Keith thinks to himself I wonder what they are hiding they know something we do not.

Jeremy comes back on, saying “I’m going to send you something home base does not want you to have ok.” Keith accepts the file download and watches it. To his horror it is a set of twins that look remarkable like the set in the lab. Now he is very worried that home base is defiantly not telling

He gets on the intercom and says “You all need to come see this”

June says “just project it into the lab”

“No I think you all need to come up here it is not safe to show it on the monitors” The screens come to life showing what Keith is looking at. Both babies are looking at the screens and not making a sound, until the other set of twins come on, and then they start to scream.

June says “turn it off Keith, they babies are screaming and it not good”

Sallie says “Ok that must have been their parents” Both infants look at her and shake their heads almost like they are saying yes. “How can they understand us, when we speak?”

June says “It could be that they do understand us”

Keith comes back on intercom “The home base wants to talk to all of us, so you all need to come to the control room, and bring the babies with you.”

A dark screen comes up, with a silhouette on the screen and the voice is a very deep voice.

“You will raise the infants to the best of your ability Jeremy will bring supplies and not land but he will bring the things you need, do not ask for more.” “Keep us updated by a daily journal and pictures of how fast or slow the children grow and when you first see signs of abilities call this number (888-999-6666) I will answer and give you instructions on what to do then.”

The screen goes blank. Keith tries everything to bring it back to life but nothing helps.

Jeremy calls back “I will be there in a few days time, with the supplies he was talking about, I cant land I will have to drop them to you, sorry but no one can or will contact you again, you are all on your own.”

A few days go by and sure enough a shuttle appears in the sky, and drops six boxes of stuff, but none of the people know what is in the boxes.

June says “Let’s go and bring them inside so we can look at them, the rain may damage something in them.” So they bring them inside and start to open them.

One box has what looks like to be frozen meat, with instructions on how to raise it to full term and be able to eat it. The second box has some rare books in it, with a note telling them what each book is. The third box has dehydrated food like when they first came to this planet. The fourth has DVD’s and more books. The fifth box has disks in it and instructions on how to load them into the computer so it will know how to make the things on the disks. The sixth box has more books.

Over the next few months all they do is the instructions that they were given, make the children happy, and catalog everything they do. The meat given to the group has grown up to be pigs, chickens, and cows. So now the home base is like a farm on the outside. The children love the milk that they get from the cows much better than from the computer.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

first try at a short story. for my Creative Writing Class.

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