Urlord wanting lady


he lifts his eyes

Like he has never seen her before

Is she real

Is she fake

When he dreams, she is there, but he can not touch her

Why does his mind play this game

She is standing in front of him ..

Calling out his name "Urlord" come to me

Come to me and be with me

Can he belive it this time

He starts to walk closer

She moves towards him

The breeze blows the scent of vanilla towards him.

This turns him on

How can this be?

Is she real this time his ladydragus

Will she disappare when he touches her again

He takes a few more steps the smell is intoxicating

He can hear her breathing.

The detial on her dress is stunning. Blues and Golds like a Queen should be dressed.

He reaches out to touch her, she graps his hand

It is real.

She leans towards him and kisses him

He wakes up, all sweety from the dream..

This time he can still feel the kiss on his lips.

Was it real, when he rolls over and see his lovely wife lying beside him

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