Downward Spiral

I am on a downward spiral

I feel can see the bottom now

I can almost touch the bottom of my hole

I sense the bottom and I want to stop falling

these wings, can not stop me

I know they are broken beyond repair..

They have carried a burden, they should not have to carry

My children are all better, but now I have to try and heal myself

I just hope I am strong enough

My spiral, downward is starting all over again

and I do not know why

I try not to do this

but I can not stop it.

Why do I keep doing this to myself

Why do I let my happiness go away..

I have no reason to be "depressed"

My meds seem to be working, or are they?

My hope is all but gone

I saw 'anger' in her eyes

I saw resent in her eyes'

I saw something I never wanted to see.

So this spiral is all I have left

see how far I fall this time before I catch myself

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written tonite in a dark place, within my heart, that very few can see, and feel at this time

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