Dragon Fell to Ground

Dragon Poems

I have fallen, and my wings can not fly

They are to batterd to fly right now

They will take a while to heal this time

for they are cut upon a lot this time

My cuts are deeper this time than ever

My wings are bleeding more than ever this time

The wounds that I have inflicted are bad

the wagon i no longer see, for I have fallen so far, I no longer care

These cuts are deeper

my soul is shining for all to see

it is mortally wounded

all can see the hurt, all can see the pain

the blood on the wings are looking to be on deaths door

Why, do I do this,

It is a form of release....

It is a form of ebbing away at my deperssion

It is a way to let out the pain, I am in

IT is also, a way for me to deal with the pain I am in, for hurting myself, but not others.

I will not yell

I will not scream

I will hurt myslef this time

I will inflict it upon myslef this time

I will cut, I will sctrach

I will SI this till I feel I no longer need to punsih myslef

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