Dragon Tears

Dragon Poems

I cry for the loss of freinds

I cry for the hurt I am in

I cry for the pain of the love

I cry for all to see

I cry

This pain we inflict on oursleves

is it worth it?

These tears, I shed does he desrve them?

I shed them once again, but this time, for her.

I shed them cause she will not know

I shed them for I have to make a descsion I do not like

I shed a dragon tear, for that is what I feel like

I want to soar away with My baby

And never look back

I want to run, away, and never look back

I want to take her from this place of "hate"

I want to run, I want to hide

I do not want her to feel this "nasty taste" that I do

NO child should ever have to feel "hate"

A mother should never have to let her child feel this

So I shed a 1000 Dragon tears for her tonite

in hopes this will all go away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written when I was deperssed after phone call with Sean....

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