This dragon will always be here

Dragon Poems

This dragon is here no matter what

I am not leaving. this is fortold to me

I can not leave too many need me

I can not leave I need you all too

I will stay a lifetime

I want to stay a lifetime

I want to help, and be helped

Some day I knwo I will beat my beast of deperssion

Someday I will walk down an aslie and be the happy one

Some day I will show a happy face and truly mean it.

I will shead a tear of joy, not sadness

I will not be in misery over him

I will not be in pain over lost loves

I will move on

I will be able to go forward in life

Someday I will be me again.

And someday I will take you all with me when I am that person.

I will be me..

You will all be part of me

And i hope I am part of you in some small way.

I hope our freindships last a lifetime

I know you all mean the world to me

Let us lean on each ohter when we need to..

Freinds are friends for a lifetime..

so be there when you are needed..

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