Words can be hurtful

words we use them when we speak

we use them we we talk

we use them when we think

but do we actually think about what we say

Do we think about how they may hurt others

Do we actually think Why ? Whould this hurt you?

Could this hurt her/him?

Should I think this through before I say it?

These are things I do daily before I post, before I talk and i know you all do too.

But words, Why do we use them to hurt,

Why do we use them to please

Why do we not use kindness to please instead of words

Why do we always end up hurting others

Why do the words we speak hurt others and some do not even know

Words, words and words, hurt and you may never even know..

Think before you speak.

Think before you you act

Think think think of the words you may speak to someone else.

and also to someone else that may be said to someone else..

You have not hurt me.. Remember that.

Nonoen on this fourm has.

This is for all to know and understand.

no one has hurt me..

It has happend in 3D.. ok..

I love all on here, and that will not change. ok

Love to all

Love to all

Dragon hugs to you and to all

(((((((((((((((((((((( dragon hugs ))))))))))))))))))))

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