I wake and realize her birthday is this month

How can I celebrate with all of my family?

No one is feeling up to it

No one will come to the party on her father’s side

How do I do this?

How can I be happy with all of the hurtful feelings on my heart and mind?

How can I put her first when no one else thinks of my feelings?

I want to be happy on her day, but cant

I want to celebrate it with everyone but ….

His parents do not think they can come up due to his moms “sickness”

I am hurting over this. I do not understand people.

Our children should always come first.. Right?

Well in my world they have been more lately.

I love both of my kids but do not get to see one enough

Her day is July; Jessica’s is the 31ts of this month.

How can I be happy when all we do is fight?

About where and when to have her damn birthday party….

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