Breanna My angle

She was so tiny when I got her

I could hold her in the plam of my hand

She was and is my miracle.

She is an angel sent from hevan above

I can remeber the frist time I got to hold you

You only weighed four pounds, and I got to try and give you your first bottle.

You were so light in my hands, but Oh how I loved you

I loved the cuddleing I got to do that day.

Cause before I only got to hold your foot or finger

When I got to hold you, I felt like a real mom

I cried so hard when they told us that we could finallly hold you

You were so tiny, but oh you were so cute

My angel is sent to me from above

I can see her wings daily

I can hear her voice when she asks "mommie Can I come up"

I can hear the angels above sing when she cries.

I can feel the hurt in my heart even when you are not in my arms when you are scared

I can feel you when you are so far away from me

I can feel things I know you dont know

I know in my heart God sent me an angel to make me a better person

I love my angel from above..

****** she was 14.3/4 oz when she was born and lived in the hosptial for over 5 months before I got to bring her home****

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my first child

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