Shatterd Dreams

these dreams I have had, are dark ones.

They are filled with death and Darkness all around me.

I know who it is that is dead.

I do not like the ones who are dead in my dreams.

I want to help, but I can not.

I am tied to a stake.

I am tied to a wall.

I am always tied to something.

For I can not fall.

I want to call on Earth, Fire Wather or Air, but I can not speak.

For they have tied me all up, for I can not see, nor Can I hear, but I know who is dead..

My freinds, my family, my childern.

I can feel each and every death to my bones..

Why do they not kill me?

Why do they touture me?

Why save me, but kill my childern?

Why kill them, and not me.

THey are weak, they are not strong like me.

I am a wicanfea, they are not.

Why O Mothers of Mother

Why do you let them kill our Childern but not us.

Cant we stop it?

Cant we help them fight.

Break these bonds that bind me.

Let me help my family.

Let me be free.

*bonds now broke*

I call upon the earth, fire, water and air of mother earth.

Destroy all of the ones who stand angainst us.

We are "the childern of Gian"

We are the rightfull house to stand on this mountian.

we love the land.

We cherish it,

We devlop it to what it can give.

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