Lost a part of me

I lost a part of my circle tonite

I made a choice to let her go

I made the choice to say "no more"

I will not let you hurt my tank any longer

If you dont stop you cant come over

she left

never said a word

just left.

I lost ivy i lost a part of me

I lost my best freind in the whole world

she knew me so well

I sorta knew her

I am under stress but she does not care

I see her struggle but can not help

so I made a decsion to break it off

for I can no longer let her daughter destroy my things

I love my house

for it is "ours" I love my life for it is "ours"

Not hers to destroy

not her daugthers to mess up.

I want to teach my child right from worng

IT is not my fault you can not

I will not let this anger me

I will not let you anger me

I will not let anyone walk on me anymore

I am imporantant.

I am myself

I will be myself for me

Not for you

Not for him

Not for my childern

but for me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This happend today, and I am hurting beyond words..

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