This day is ours

This day is ours

no one will tell us differntly

we make of it what we want

We can do anything we want

Make us say differnt and we are slaves

This mean depession makes us slaves

Makes us do things we would not normally do

We want to laugh

but all we do is cry

What we do is our's

What we like it ours

What you do is your's

Share if you like

Keep it bottled up, and the deperssion wins again

Throw caution to the wind

Write about what your day has been

put words on paper

Put words in a letter

But share, and the deperssion losses face more and more

This day is ours

This day is yours

Make it what you want

OR Hide and be lonely

Come out Come out

wherever you are hiding

OR looking to see if it safe

This fourm is safe

we will comfort you

we will love you

Our shoulders are wide

Our hearts are big

This day is ours

This day is yours

Come out and share

Come out and be yourself again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a deperssed moemnt brought this on..

I hope all likes it

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