Is something I ask for, but can not give myself

This is something I wish I could ask for but am too ashamed to speak the words

I have hurt others and never meant to

I have caused pain in their lives but never meant to

Forgiveness has to come from the heart, but i have no heart left to ask

I messed up again

I hurt my bestfreind and I am stupid for doing it again

I wish I could stop it

I wish I coudl tell others that I am happy

But for some damn reason I cant

I do not understand why

I wish I did.

Forgive me.. is something I can not ask

for my heart is made of stone

it is made of a thick wall so as I will no longer hurt the ones I care about

my forgiveness is freely given but not freely asked for.

I am sorry, to have hurt you

I am sorry to have hurt anyone.

Forgivness has to come from within, and I no longer have any thing to share :((

Author's Notes/Comments: 

forgivness should be given freely, and I shall never ask for it again.

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