I'm Falling again

I can feel the darkness

I can feel it closing around my heart

We had a fight

and now I no longer know

the darkness is saying "see I told you so"

I can not speak

I can not cry

For I have no tears left to cry

I am falling, and I do not know why

I feel the hate building

Why oh why for him

He loves me so

this I know

but I am treated like a child sometimes and it hurts

I am falling, into my darkness again

i want to leap, but I have no legs

I have no arms to catch myself as I fall

My body is dead, to me and so is my heart

I am falling again

Someone help me stop me from falling

Anyone ...

I did nto think you could

Above all of you, I need you the most

keep me from falling into my darkness once more

You are no longer here

you are no longer a part of my life

But I need you so badly right now

But I can not tell you for I will fall even more in to the darkness

The darknss scares me this time

I do not want to fall.

But this time I can not catch myself..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

falling into my damn darkness agian..
Deperssion set in for the holidays..

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