Death, Life, or What

I see blood all around my feet

is it mine, or someone else's

I do not see any bodies laying around just mine,

i can see the scars of blood on my arms, legs and my chest

i must have been very angery to do that to myslef

I can see the lines of blood all over my body

I am naked, to see all of this

They are assesing the damage,

wait how can I see mine? Am i no longer alive

ah, this is what it feel like to be dead amoung the lving

I can see the tears on my lovers face

I can feel the pain he is in now

I can feel the pain my child is living without me.

They say we can bring her back

let us try,

I hear voices but no faces

I feel the pain on my wrist

I feel the pain on my legs where I hve cut them to no end

It is far to extensive i say to myslef to save me this time( or so I hope)

I can see the blood on my hands as I raise them over my head

I am in my body once more, they saved me

But did they save all of me

This I can never tell, for I hvae been here before, I have died like this once before

Wont go into details

for it would scare you even more

I see the tears on his face

"asking why did she do this" We love her so much

But no one knows the "horror" i deal with on a daily basis

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