My Unkown land

An empty land

A deslote land

A land where not even the devil will roam

A land where no one but me goes to walk

A land where I see hurt

I see death at every corner

I see pain in every could, no sliver lining here

No one will come visit me

No one can come because it is in my mind

I see hurt, in your eyes when I say goodbye

I see hurt in your eyes, when I describe my landscape to you

I see the hurt I am instilling in your heart

I no longer want to see pain

I no longer want to walk on broken rocks, trees

I no longer want to see jagged rivers of blood

I no longer want to see jagged trees of smoke

I no longer want to live in this dark and twisted kingdom of life

My life means nothing but pain for you,

So I will close the door to my land

I will speak of it nevermore

I will speak of only happines..

But if I do, will it make others happy, for me to lie about me

No I did not think so

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in a response on a differnt site..
But I thouht it needed to be posted anyway

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