My River

I gave my love freely

You misused it

It shattered my inner self

It closed my walls to myself

My love could have flowed like a river, or an ocean

Something you would never have drown in

But you broke the damn holding it

So now it is all dried up

The small river that runs through it

Is jagged, the rocks will slice you up

They will cut, you and throw you over board

Where I can no longer help you

It is now a river of pain, not love

It is now a river of sorrow, not happiness

It is now a place where I no longer go to sit

I no longer like the rocks

I no longer like to see dead things lying around

I no longer want to see them hurting because of very little water

The river is dried up, the ocean no more

I am full of pain, and the river is no more

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dedacate this to brandi katleen.

For the broken heart she gave to me, and I gave to her

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