Dragons wish of eternal love for her friends

Dragon Poems

you know it is coming, that someone is watching

but do you know who is watching you

I will never let you go, for I need you in my life

I know we all have our down moments, but death should not be one of them

You know it is going to end some day soon

but will your "dragon" let you die along

will she let you put a gun to your head and let you die the dying of another day.

I love you for I will not let you go

I will watch over you I will fly till my wings can hold me up no more then I will walk till my legs will not carry me, then i will crawl till I come to your "doorstep" so we can be with each other

I will watch over you from the heavens above, or "our" hell below. I think we all live in our own sort of hell.

I will keep my eye on you, my online friends

I will never let my wings falter, when I carry you up high so you can see the sunset from a dragon’s point of view

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one I wrote for my online friends on a fourm.. Thougth I would share it here too

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