New Rose Blomming "written under name Patricia Zahner"


New Rose Blooming

I watch the sun come up in all its glory

The heat from the sun is so intense

It makes the rose close up for a few minutes

Not knowing weather it is friend or foe

But slowly as the day goes along blooms wider and shows the world

All of it's beauty I watch a rose bloom

It is beautiful

The purple bud small and growing as it opens

Our friendship is like that rose

Slowly but surely will bloom nicely

It may have a few thorns but we can overcome them

If we do not let anything or anyone come between us we

Can and will overcome all thorns in my lovely rose

How do we overcome this thorn in our hands?

Only you my love can answer that one and

Only you can overcome the thorns in your hands

I have tried to overcome my thorns

Now can you do the same?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I worote this a year before my marriage feel apart. I worte this in 2001, and it is published in 3 seperte works on

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