I feel it ripping my heart apart

the fighting we do all the time

Why can we not get alone for her sake

I love her with all my heart

You say you love her too

but why do we fight all the time over her

I want you to be a good father

but the heartache you give me hurts

I want you to be with her

I want you to have fun with her

Why do you always break the promises you make to me?

Why do you lie to me all the time

Heartache is something I see in your eyes,

Why lie, just tell me the truth.

I want the best for her, dont you???

The heartahce is killing me

I try not to sweet the smallt hings, but with you I never know what to belive anymore

Why? Do you do this to us.

Why cant you just be normall and not lie.

I knwo it is hard not to, but try for her sake.

Our little one should have never known the word hate.. But she does know..

I know some say it is a phase but why does it have to hurt so bad.

Why does she lash out at us.

Not lash out at you???

Heartache is something I feel daily,

When I pick her up, she cries.


Heartahce should not be at so young of an age

She is my light our world.

Cant we come to some comprimise for her???

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