I am in awe of you

You know so much

You are so talented

I wish I was half of what you are

I wish I were as much as you are

You are a wonderful dad

You are a wonderful husband

I love you with all my heart

My mind my body and my soul

You are my beloved

You are one of my lights

My shining star

What does beloved me?

It means caring


Holding me when I don’t want it

Hugging when I don’t need it

Loving me when I don’t want it

It means showing me how to love

Teaching me how to care

Being there for me when I want no one around

Beloved is what you are

©Patricia Schaffer

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my husband who is my only beloved in my Life.. he is the only one who matters other than my childern.
Bryon my love I love you

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