Darkest Poems

Should I feel this if my child has everything at another home

Should I feel this when she does not want to play her games with me?

Should I?

I hurt because I never get her something first

They always have it

They always play it first

I can’t even take her to a movie

I cant be her everything

Isn’t that what a mother is supposed to be

Not a great-grandmother

I had a toy I got for her and me

She said Oh now I have one here like Meme house

I almost cried

I wanted it to be a first

I wanted to play tea with her

I wanted to hold her and laugh

Not cry because I did not get it first

Why do I feel so worthless yet again in her eyes?

Does she not love me because I can’t do what they do?

Jealousy or betrayal which is it???????

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