Dead Celebrities - Michael Landon

~Michael Landon~

(Acrostic poem)

M-ichal was a famous American actor,director,producer and writer. He was born

I-n Forest Hill, New York.During his early childhood and years he

C-onquered great challenges in many ways while

H-e grew up in Collingswood, N.J. but he made it throughout all of them,

A-nd developed a great sense of humor,as a shield,against a world he thought often cruel

E-ugene Maurice Orowitz, was his real given name, but much

L-ater on, in his life he would change it to Michael Landon

L-ittle House In the Prarie,brought him more to fame all over,even when

A-nd years before he's starred as little Joe, in the popular t.v.serie "Bonanza."

N-eedless to say he was a great actor, and kind human being.He was very much

D-evoted  to his family and every role that he worked and much created

O-n all his long years as one of the biggest and most celebrated tv stars ever

N-one of us will  forget his engaging smile and heart warming role in L.H.I. the Prarie.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


March 6,2010

Years active: 1956-1991

(October 31,1991-July 1, 1991)

Author Notes:

As long as I can remember growing up as a child, I watched him

in Bonanza,as the sweet and kind-hearted Little Joe.And then

later on I just loved him more and followed him more in his

role as the most wonderful father, ever in his unforgettable role

of Papa Charles, in the Little House in the Prarie."

I just loved and admired Michael Landon all my life,and respected

him no matter what.He had so many wonderful qualities to dim all of

his flaws and faults in my eyes.In my heart is just one

of a Kind,forever,and will remain so the rest of my days.

R.I.P. Michael!

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