(Jesus Tears)


Comes and

Love can go

But His for you

Never ever will

No matter what

He loves you

And that's




In your heart

He loves and cares

For you and be there

When no one does

He's right there

With you


Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


January 29,2010

Author Notes:

Jesus Tears, is a new poetry form created by Dorian Petersen Potter.

It consists of 9 lines.Syllable count.Rhyme: it's optional.

Subject:Spiritual or uplifting in nature.

Stanzas as many as desired, but at least 2.

Line 1- 1 syllable,Line 2- 2 syllables,Line 3- 3 syllables,

Line 4- 4 syllables,Line 5- 5 syllables,Line 6- 4 syllables

Line 7- 3 syllables,Line 8- 2 syllables,Line 9- 1 syllable.

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