The innocents are the ones who suffer the most

Many children are getting mangled and killed

Screams of death and pain is all that they hear lately

That’s the sounds and  moans of  every rocket they send

I am so tired of hearing the chilling sounds of sirens screaming

So tired of wars and waiting for something to change all this

Another bomb! Another day of this very destructive conflict!

Another day of hiding and trying to survive this ongoing war

What’s happening ? Has the world of ours gone completely mad?

I’m  barely existing here now just trying to protect  what is mine

All that I care more than ever now is to be safe and protect my life

And my children in every way of course, they’re so confused and  scared

My children you see are so young to understand what’s taking place

They need  a safe heaven! they need that warm place they called their home!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


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