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The Tired Lion


Are you still searching for that someone special?

Have you ever lost in your life someone that you really loved?

Do you feel kind of unhappy inside, no matter what you do?

Let me tell you that I’ve been there like you so many times too...

Sometimes I feel like you so lonely, emptied and unloved,

So many things that break my heart and make me sad

So many things I hear and feel that make me want to cry

So many people that I love have broken my heart apart so very bad

Sometimes I feel like nobody really cares for me or anyone else

Sometimes I feel  my heart and mind embraced by a black shadow where I am at

But one by one of all my problems and sadness I just let go with God’s help

Because His love and mercy for you and me never stops no matter what

Even if I knew that nobody loves me, I'd still be happy in Jesus Christ in every way

Because Jesus loves me and His salvation, no one can ever, ever take it away!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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