Everyday when I think of you

I have loving thoughts of you

We try to understand you

But for sure you make it hard.

I just don't understand at all

Why are you acting so bad

To us it doesn't make sense

Why you persist in doing wrong.

There are so many things

You refuse to really see

Rejecting what's so right

For others and for us to see.

You are completely blind

That's very plain, for all of us here,

You want to ruin your life

And we're suppose to watch and sit.

Listen Honey, you're whole attitude sucks,

I can't even talk to you

When you're in that narrow frame of


You're being completely hard-headed

Sometimes I can't even believe

What you've had done,

The only thing I can do now

It's to love you and pray for the baby and you!

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


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