Feeling An Overwhelming


Can't Express What Is


Can't Confide In That Which Is


As Others Would Be Openly


In The Way Which

They Expose Undeniable Truths

In The Way Which Words

Are Discreetly Misconstrued

Offensively Obvious

Trying To Abide Time With

The Illusion Of Not Caring

Becomes More Daring

Is Often Over Used

The Same Hypocrisy Is Abused

You're Not Disguising

As You Cannot Hide When

Circumstances Come To Pass

Developing A False Projection

You Shatter Like Glass

Unsuccessfully Masked

Feelings Unconstrained

Uncovering Your Own

Unrealized Pain

A Misguided Soul's; Actions Behold

Lingering Transgression's

Confusion Of What Is

Or Not

Your Reality's Heaven

As You're Damned In

A Continuous State

Of Irrational Thinking,

No Remorse,


Back & Forth.

Emotion's Lack Reason.

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