A Lesson Through Life (Peace Of Mind)

There was a time I was fixated

On the world knowing my truth

Hurt by the lies spread to discredit

What was ONLY my point of view

Spent numerous hours consumed

In the he said, she said game

Only to be used giving

Those who disliked me fame

By the mention of their name

I let the same story continue to be told

With each breath and utterance

They grasped a tighter hold

As my words were bold

But to those who knew me

Saw I spoke pain

With every word I rained on my accusers

I engulfed myself in flames

Burning me

Not concerned with obvious facts

The more I kept talking

Thinking through words

I’d reclaim myself back

I lost her during many attacks

To my mental and spiritual being

I lost her to lies, silence, and heartache

My soul was depleted

Yet I’m still breathing

No longer seething to wreck havoc

Was my plan

Vengeance is mine saith the lord  

And I placed my heartache in his hands

Instinctively his demand

Was to go on with life

For pain isn't a sacrifice

Every valuable lesson comes with a price

Without struggle you cannot strive

Without loss you won't know gain

Without dishonesty you wont know truth

Without hardship you wouldn't strive to maintain

Claiming the best part of you

Through dishonesty’s pain

You strained to gain truth

Struggled the hardship

Losing what was no longer needed

In you

Every negative has a reverse


In life comes easily

Either gain from it

Or let it go

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written August 7,2006. I was sitting at work and I got an itch in my hand to write and this is what spilled out. I haven't wrote a decent poem since the birth of my son. Maybe this be the end of my writer's block

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