Ask Yourself...

As I’m blinded by insecurity

Something whispers let it be

I have intuition

But I cannot see

Yet in this feeling I believe

Are what you feed me

By the utterance of your words

I can’t travel down this road again

I’ve see it to many times before

Tired of listening

To your never mores

Aren’t you bored with

Your lies and indiscretion

Knowing you can change the person

In which it’s directed

Or did you settle

For sloppy seconds

What’s crazy is I was here first

If you came back to me

Because you can no longer have her

Ask yourself

What am I



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired  by me choosing to stay in a relationship with a person who couldn’t decide whom he wanted. I was often overshadowed by the  remembrance of another, asking my self what am I really worth to this person?  

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