My Dungeon

How come I feel homeless

When I live in a house

I know how to get in

But I can’t find my way out

Entrapped within these four walls

That make me feel small

Uncomfortable in a world

In which I don’t belong

Surrounded by hatred, misery, and deceit

Trapped in loneliness, sadness, and grief

With self inflected wounds

That no one can see

Because they are internal

Yet felt externally

I hold this pain inside

Yet it escapes from the teardrops

That fall from my eyes

You can’t see my pain

But you can see me cry

You can see that my eyes are closed

But you can’t see that I’ve died

Even though my eyes are open

I am still asleep

When my eyes are closed

I’m awake and search for my peace

You can see that my eyes are closed

But you cannot see that I have died

But my eyes are open

On the other side

I am alive

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written in 1998.

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