My Darkness

Does it matter what I write

Or what it has to say

I write what I feel

I feel what I say

As night turns to day

The darkness is left behind

But I live in eternal darkness

Where the sun never shines

My world isn’t happy

And full of smiles

My world in unpredictable

My world is a cloud

A thick gray mist

Consumed by shadows

An invisible force you can’t see

But know is there

As it speak words

You cannot hear

I am a unique person

No one is like me

They way I look at the world

Is something others might not see

But that makes me

That’s who I am

I know the words I speak

Only I understand

As the darkness falls

I a rise

As the sun comes up

My nature dies

I live for the darkness

Not the sun that shines

Because I know the world is dark

And full of lies

If I look toward the sun

As I person I will be gone

If I look at the blackness

I shall be reborn

To understand life

That is as dark as tomorrow

To struggle and strive

In the days to follow

I am the darkness

The darkness is me

As I live my world without light

The spirit is free

And you can be who you are

Not worrying about what others think

Pretending to be a star

That shines bright

Misguided in a world

Not understanding your life

I want darkness

I want darkness to be me

A bright light

Is hard to look into

But in the dark you can’t see

A shadow is consumed

The darkness is me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written in 1998

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