Leave Me

I feel so alone

Even though your near

I feel as if I’m by myself

Because your never there

When your someplace else

Am I missed

Do you think about me

Or did you forget I exist

As images of us

Flash through my mind

I realize we’re separating

It’s only a matter of time

What do I know about you

Do you care about me

Are the things you say real

Or are they false and imaginary

Can it be that I am in

A relationship with me

Because the way you make me feel

Your love will never be

But I am patient and will wait to see

If things will work out

Can you ever

Really love and care

For me

Time is running out

And in the end

I’ll start off with what I had

Me loving me

Will your love ever be?

Don’t play with my emotions

Just leave me

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