Can You See Me

I am surrounded in blackness

The only existence is me

I  gave up in life

So my spirit can be free

My essence is my presence

But how if I’m not there

I pretend to be listening

But I’m lost and unaware

That people can see me

But I’m not really there

Where am I

What did I come to be

If I look within myself

The answers lie within thee

But was to blind to see

Existence is your presence

Without it where would I be

Roam through darkness

Where the spirit rests

And the mind can be

My essence is gone

What did I become to be

Left all alone to find

What lies within me

I am free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written in 1997. I felt as if I was unknown to the world as if  no one saw me for who I truly was yet in not being exposed I was seemingly FREE.

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