To Life I was Blind

I live life as if

I suffer consequences

I live my life as if

I know what to regret is

Afraid of some cost

Trying to remain good

Surrounded in loss

For I am constantly defeated

I never obtained a meaning

To who I am

Only went on as a do-gooder

Separated from man

Dwellers of this here earth

Separated from woman

The givers of life through birth

Am I cursed

To my own way of thinking

Searching so long for answers

Only to over look each meaning

Inside I’m screaming

Through  tears

My frustrations emerge

In it’s transparence

My thoughts are unheard

Not even through words

For I am still that  encaged bird

Yearning to fly

As I realized I hold the key

To my enslaved life

To this “Goodness”

And uncaring people

To be like them, to myself

Would be deceitful

I now ask myself even true?

As I think, not knowing why

For every good thing I do

A hundred tears spill from my eyes

Is the life I have lived

The consequences I suffered

Are the misguided morals and values

I’ve Instilled in my head

In being different I denied myself

Thinking I was better

For not succumbing  to the needs I’ve felt

To myself I have dealt

Internal pain that mentally hurts

Mad at the world

Free of yearn

Blinded by “Right”

As I wronged myself

By not fully living

My life

I’ve always been free

All I had to do

Was Fly

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