What Is My Poetry

Before I write on paper

It is blank

With spaces and lines

Soon to be filled with the thoughts

That are in my mind

In every space

That comes between the lines

On every page

Is a different thought

On a given day and time

Some days I’m happy

And feel that I am free

Others are dark

And I feel all I have is me

Some days are hot

The others are cold

Some days people are with me

The others I’m alone

From being happy and sad

From being alone then free

From feeling these ways

Inspire me

They make me write

And express how I feel

They make me pretend

And see what isn’t real

They make me write things

I know I could never say

They help me understand

Why I feel certain ways

On these pages

And spaces between each line

Is who I am

And what I feel inside

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