You Never Know Till You Get There

(Note to reader: “Home” means were you go after you die. It’s neither heaven or hell it’s just a place you belong to)

The hand of death

Reaches out so suddenly

I don’t know what will happen next

Because death has touched me

It felt cold and dark

Like a bodiless grave

Death held its hand out

And Touched me

But yet I wasn’t afraid

It took a hold of me

When it grasped me in its arms

I have no fear of dying

So it’s touch didn’t do me harm

It took me to a lost and forgotten land

There was nothing I could do

Because death held me by my hand

We walked through a tunnel

Searching for my peace

Through everlasting darkness

To the end of eternity

In an unfamiliar place

That was peaceful, warm, yet cold

I had the strangest feeling

But somehow I knew

That I was home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This Poem Was Written In 1997. This Was My Interpretation Of Going “Home” To My Final Resting Place.

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