Hells Fire

Bright like the sun

Blue like the sky

Clear as your tears

Dark as you die

Red-hot fire

That burns through your flesh

Black tormenting silence

Is all that is left

There is no remorse

Because you’re already there

Departure from your body

As you soul is in despair

No longer alive

But you can still feel the pain

Enclosed in this fire

Forever to remain

You took your life

And now you shall burn

As your in pain

The world will still turn

No one gave you sympathy

Or the least bit of sorrow

Because you chose to see the dark

Instead of the light of tomorrow

Your life was a gift

That you took in vain

So on the day of your funeral

There wont be any rain

And for all the people that are left behind

Will know that you’re gone

And will start to cry


Is what they will say

Why did she end her life this way

That is the question that they’ll ask

As they go on living

Your memory is all they’ll have

As you ask yourself

Was it worth to take such a precious gift

Never to regain your life

And all that you have missed

But I have strength in death

That I never had in life

I made people feel my pain

I made those people cry

And if burning in hell

Is the price I had to pay

I rather see the red fire that burns

Then live another day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written when I was 16. As I read this poem, I am often shocked at the anger and selfishness expressed in it.. I can't believe I actually wrote this at times. But then I think back to that point in my life and know the pain I was going through  

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